Aquaculture, Fisheries and Lagoon Studies

MHEC provides consultancy services for a wide range of fish farming, mariculture, and aquatic plants, other organisms for any commercial purposes. Our expert team is qualified to provide any kind of consultancy services.

The combination of practical skills in aquaculture and solid economic and social experience allows for conducting feasibility studies for new aquaculture developments, social and environmental impact assessments, and operational/financial reviews of company performance from hatchery to production to the final consumer. These reviews can recommend improvements related to cost savings, responsible management practices, and investments designed to generate positive effects on key performance indicators, and sales and marketing strategies.

We are consulting in both inland and marine/coastal aquaculture with a wide range of species of fish, mollusks, seaweed, and crustaceans, and with all major types of production systems such as cages, ponds, recycling, and aquaponics systems.



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