In the present scenario and the technological arena has begun a new world with more expectation of the customers, we as professionals are ready to serve our valuable customers in understanding and acknowledging the appropriate circumstances to make things new and in a cost-efficient way.

“We believe that Quality Service is a result of a continuous dedicated effort that brings tremendous value. We value our professional staff for their Creativity, Commitment & Teamwork towards ensuring the best solution and value for our clients.”

Eng (Dr.) Tissa U Liyanage


Awards & Certificates

To maintain our recognizable consultancy service identity and promote our reputation, as an integrated engineering company, with a wide collaboration network in Sri Lanka and abroad. Our clients, both from the public and private sectors, will seek us to achieve and transcend their aspirations.

To become the Apex engineering service provider with state of art engineering consultancy and design solutions for maximum benefits while preserving the standards and ethics in the profession.

Master Hellie’s Engineering Consultants is a leader in Consultancy Engineering, that uses the latest technological approach in the industry to become the apex consultancy firm in Sri Lanka and regionally. Our capabilities now expand globally too. While having this as the bigger target, we also focus on the multi-disciplinary business for sustainability in business management with the achieved recognition over the past years. The strategies are recognized over the first decade to move ahead having assured the desired achievements for all parties involved as the proud members of the MHEC family for sustainable infrastructure development for all living beings.
The firm is recognized with Top managers, middle managers, and the subordinate staff having been assigned to different departments which are expected to have a border spectrum with the rapid expansion of the firm realized over the years.
Presently the Top Management of the firm is responsible by the founder and the business partner of the firm with the assistance of the designated directors. The firm is managed by highly technically qualified personnel with unmatched exclusive capacity in the area of Engineering.
With the dynamic and result-oriented top management, decisions have been taken to uplift the strength of the firm in many aspects. The firm is having its modern office complex at a prime location in the Capital Administrative City of Sri Lanka. The firm has over 25 regular staff members and over 100s consultants involved with many diversified development projects in Sri Lanka and overseas. We are equipped with modern data collection equipment and IT facilities that could compete neck to neck with any other competitor in the country.
MHEC is engaged in international Bi-Lateral Agreements since 2013 for business collaboration with international business partners for engineering consultancy work nationally as well as internationally. We are one of the regular Consultants, and Agents for funded consultancy work in Sri Lanka over the years, winning their hearts with our credentials of goodwill. MHEC had agreements with many Consultants for MHEC Engineers to Work overseas for construction Supervision Projects.
The firm has completed over 150 projects during the first decade. The World Bank (WB), Asian Development Bank (ADB), Japanese International Corporation Agency (JICA), UNDP, UNOPS, UNFPA, Korea International Corporation Agency (KOICA), Japanese Bank for International Collaboration (JBIC), Chinese Exim Bank, Malaysian Exim Bank, Turkish Government Fund, Spanish Government Fund, Hungarian Government Fund, and Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) are the priority funding agencies for the projects we have successfully completed to date.
It is noted that the majority of the financial share for the MHEC has been from regular funding agencies such as WB and ADB (22%). The rest of the funding is also coming from foreign funding agencies and approximately 3% from the GoSL. This reflects the market acceptance of the MHEC internationally with our quality standards following ISO 9001 - 2015.
team1 As the leader in the transportation engineering consultancy business in Sri Lanka, we are equipped with modern data collection equipment and software facilities. Vehicle-mounted special GPS-based video coupled with IRI Equipment for Road Roughness, GPS Video system for condition data collection, Engineering survey equipment, underwater measuring equipment, video camera-based traffic data collection system and software with image processing, JICA STRADA, PTV VISSIM is used for microscopic transport demand modeling. Hydrology modeling and structural analysis software such as HY8 and MIDA, SAP, etc. are used by the firm for respective analysis.
At MHEC, graduate engineers, interns, and trainees will always be encouraged to fulfill their higher education and professional qualifications and involve in research. MHEC always willingly provides sponsorships and necessary leave arrangements for employees during their employment/ training period. Employees and trainees will not only get the opportunity to develop their knowledge in engineering disciplines but also gain soft skills such as interpersonal management, communication and presentation skills, and leadership skills by working as field supervisors and coordinators in their assigned projects.
Master Hellie’s Engineering Consultants is maintaining its Quality Standards (ISO 9001 - 2015) by following the standard of social and cultural needs of Sri Lanka, respecting all ethnic and religious cross sections of the Country. The MHEC in-house team is comprised of multicultural and multinational communities which have given them the freedom for equal opportunities for their socio-economic development while they are working in the firm as a unique team.
Responsibility is very much of a concern for the firm while we are working. Employee welfare and recreation, in addition to professional development, are highly facilitated and accommodated by the company.
MHEC possesses a well-organized library consisting of a collection of books and reports (soft copy and hard copy versions) which any trainee is allowed to refer to them for study purposes and work purposes.

We at Master Hellie’s Engineering Consultants (Pvt) Ltd. are committed to provide Engineering consultancy services in different fields in the world of Engineering by using the state of art technology and knowhow in order to exceed the customers’ expectations and to enhance everyone’s lifestyle truly comfortable. To deliver the best services to all of our clients, we comply with all the applicable requirements including legal and statutory requirements and organizational values including quality, reliability, accountability, sustainability, integrity, creativity and success. In doing so, all business functions are managed through a well-defined process in efficient and effective manner assuring continual improvements to quality management system of the Company while achieving its corporate goals and objectives.

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MHEC is engaged in international Bi-Lateral Agreements for business collaboration with the international business partners for engineering consultancy work nationally as well as internationally


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Completed 100 projects


Completed over 440 projects


Eng (Dr.) Tissa U Liyanage
PhD, MEng (Highway & Traffic), CEng, BSc (Hons), MIESL, MCILT, MACE, MSLSTL, MEASTS

Tissa Liyanage is a chartered civil engineer having industrial experience over 20 years since graduating from University of Moratuwa in 1998.

He has obtained Masters in Highway and Traffic Engineering in 2004 and completed the PhD in 2008 at the same university. He has contributed to various large scale projects in Sri Lanka at the capacity of Team leader, senior traffic engineer, transport planner, transport economist, highway engineer etc. He also has contributed in the Asian region as an International Traffic Engineer for major PPP related highway improvement projects. Presently he is a chartered member of Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL), Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Logistic & Transport (CILT), Member of Association of Consulting Engineers (ACE), Member of SLSTL, member of East Asia Society of Transport Studies (EASTS). Has served to IESL council for 4 years at the capacity of member under 40 years and above 40 years and also elected to CILT council for two consequent years. He has published over 25 national and international research papers and contributed to many articles and publications of national and international interest.


Eng. Prabodha C Jinasena
B.Sc. Eng (Hons) Civil Engineering (UOM),FIESL,C Eng, M Cons.E(SL)

Eng. Prabodha C Jinasena is a highly experienced Chartered Civil Engineer specialized in Highway, Airport design and construction and Infrastructure developments.

He was the former Additional General Manager (Roads & Airports) at CECB and also held senior managerial positions over the last 25 years. Recipient of Chartered Engineer Excellence Award 2014 awarded by IESL. He was council member of IESL of IESL and also Chairman Civil Engineering Sectional Committee , IESL from 2012 to 2015. He has been the former Vice President and current council member of Association of Consulting Engineers, Sri Lanka.


Mrs. Nalini Liyanage
MA (IR) PGDip (HR-New York) DIP(HR-UK) BA(Colombo) ,Dip(SLIM)MACE

Mrs. Nalini Liyanage is a practicing HR manager and has worked in UNDP, UNRO, Embassy of India having over 22 years’ experience in the area of HR and Operations and Finance.

She has been the co-founder of the firm and bears the responsibility as the Director HR and Finance Since 2009, to date. After Graduation from University of Colombo in 1998, she has followed Masters in International Relations (BMICH, Colombo) and deserved to have HR Qualifications in UK and USA based higher educational institutes. She has experience in foreign affairs and extensive travel over many UN Countries during the work at UNDP and UNRO for number if workshops and career path developments over last 15 Years.


Eng. H M K G G Bandara
Bsc. Eng. PG Diploma In Transport Eng, M IESL, C.Eng., CMILT


D. Sithila Senarathne
Bsc Hons , MBA (kelaniya),PhD Engineering (R)