International Publications

Ref No Publication Year Published at Abstract Full Paper Download
1 Use of Electricity Consumption as a Surrogate Variable for Socio-economic Attributes in Trip Distribution Modelling 2007 HKSTS
2 Domestic Electricity Consumption as an Attribute for Travel Distance Estimates 2008 IIT Bombe International Conference
3 Importance of Integrated Transport Planning for Congestion Alleviation at Major Road Corridors 2018 R4TLI
4 Travel Behavior of Public Transport Passenger at Kandy City under Unplanned Terminal Setup 2019 EASTS
5 Evolution of Mode Choice of Passengers across the Western and Southern Provinces at Coastal Transport Corridor 2019 R4TLI
6 Study on Catastrophic Factors Involved with Road Accidents in the Southern Capital City of Galle in Sri Lanka 2021 EASTS
7 Effectiveness Of Integrated Traffic Management Plan For A Combined Flyover System In Colombo City: A Micro Simulation Approach 2023 JSALT

Domestic Publications

Ref No Publication Year Published at Abstract Full Paper Download
1 Analysis of Pedestrian Travel Demand Behaviour under Prevailing Land Use and Transport Setup at Galle City 2020 Annual Sessions IESL
2 Condition Assessment of Newly Constructed Rural Roads in Central and North Central Provinces 2020 Annual Sessions IESL
3 Evaluation of Suitable Traffic Management Options for Gatambe Intersection 2020 Annual Sessions IESL
4 Evaluation of Suitable Traffic Management Options for Kohuwala Road Intersection 2019 Annual Sessions IESL
5 Traffic Behaviours at Minor Roads in Southern Part of Sri Lanka 2019 Annual Sessions IESL
6 Post Impact Evaluation of Rajagiriya Flyover 2018 Annual Sessions IESL
7 Travel Demand Behavior of Railway Passenger transport across Western Province 2016 Annual Sessions IESL
8 Integrated Traffic Management Solution for Alleviation of Traffic Congestion at Parliament Road 2016 Annual Sessions IESL
9 Growth of Import and Export at Colombo Sea Port and its Transport & Economic Reflections 2016 Annual Sessions IESL
10 Analysis of the Trip Characteristics of Southern Expressway Users 2015 Annual Sessions IESL
11 Need of an Integration of Public Transport Terminals for Overall Efficiency of Transport Network in Petah and Fort 2015 Annual Sessions IESL
12 A Comparison of Actual Transport Demand at Modern Supermarkets and Supply Attributes Stipulated in Sri Lankan Regulations 2014 Annual Sessions IESL
13 Importance of Pedestrian Facilities for Improving Traffic Flow in City Centres 2010 Annual Sessions IESL
14 Performance of the One-way Traffic Systems in Colombo and Suburbs 2009 Annual Sessions IESL
15 Flyovers as a Measure to Improve Intersection Capacity 2009 Annual Sessions IESL
16 A Comparison of the Characteristics of Urban and Rural Bus Transport in Sri Lanka 2008 Annual Sessions IESL
17 Age and Gender Based Travel Demand Behavior in Colombo Suburbs 2008 Annual Sessions IESL
18 Activity Based Trip Generation Forecasting for a Suburban Area 2007 Annual Sessions IESL
19 Use of Electricity Consumption as an input for Cost Effective Traffic Forecasting 2006 Annual Sessions IESL
20 Parking Demand and Supply Behavior of the Users in A Hilly Terrain In Bandarawela City 2022 R4TLI
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