Consulting Services to Carry out Feasibility Study for Four Lane Elevated Highway from Rajagiriya to Athurugiriya (Phase II of NKB to Athurugiriya)

Client : Road Development Authority (RDA), Ministry of Higher Education and Highways.

Full feasibility study for the elevated highway connection between Rajagiriya (Elevated Highway Phase II) to Outer Circular Highway (OCH) covering, all technical (Transport, structural, geotechnical, Hydrology, highway), social, environmental, economic, and financial viability of the four-lane limited access toll highway

Geotechnical Investigations and the analysis for the selected final trace and required foundation designs for the highway structures by the geotechnical Engineer. Material investigations, quality checking, and maintenance of the material availability for the full length of the elevated highway.  Assisting the Traffic data collection for demand modeling and provision of traffic analysis for the senior traffic engineer.  Accommodating all staff in the head office and needed office facilities and providing all the support staff for the project.