Traffic Management and Road Safety

Ensuring that infrastructure is safe, accessible, and designed for all road users is vital to success. Working with both public and private clients, MHEC teams handle traffic issues from new developments to rebuilding existing infrastructure to better meet current needs.

MHEC provides traffic and transport-related technical advice and support services to a wide range of clients throughout Sri Lanka and internationally. Some of the areas of service we cover expertise are

©        Development planning

      ®         Environmental impact assessment

      ®         Mobility management plans

      ®         Road safety audits

      ®         Line of sight assessment

      ®         Drift path analysis

      ®         Traffic and transportation assessment


©        Road safety studies

       ®         Area and road safety studies

       ®         School traffic safety studies

       ®         Traffic safety studies on site


©        Sustainable and accessible transportation

©        Traffic and transportation surveys

      ®         Speed surveys

      ®         Traffic matters

©        Traffic department

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