Transportation and Infrastructure Engineering

MHEC works with clients in the public and private sectors to future-proof societies by developing resilient and equitable transportation and infrastructure. Throughout the project lifecycle, we are committed to promoting environmentally friendly and social equity while embracing collaborative methods and digital solutions.

MHEC design and constructs Transportation Infrastructure enhancing mobility and connectivity. We believe robust transportation infrastructure connects people to places enabling supply chains flowing with safely and reliably, enabling economies to thrive. With this as our foundation, we are exploring the future of infrastructure that is green, climate-sensitive, and adaptable in design to people's changing needs.  

Our team of fully professionally qualified transportation planners, traffic engineers, and road safety engineers work with clients across Asian Region to support a range of master planning, transportation planning, and infrastructure planning needs. Our expertise extends across bridge, highway, metro, and light rail infrastructure, through a range of integrated transport infrastructure services:

- Transportation planning

- Transportation modeling

- Traffic impact assessment

- Transport engineering

- Road safety engineering


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