Master Hellie’s Engineering Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd.

Completed Projects

Studying and Submission of Report on the Hydrological Implications on Peradeniya - Badulla - Chenkaladi Road (A005 Road)
Feasibility Study of Ganemulla and Polgahawela Flyover across Main Railway Line of Sri Lanka, under Spanish Funded Steel Bridge Project of RDA
Providing Services for Preparation of Social and Environmental Safeguard documents for Kekirawa – Thalawa (B213) Road improvement and maintenance project under road management contracts
Hydrology and Environment Study for Sangupiddy Causeway in Jaffna Lagoon
Environment Impact Assessment for Rehabilitation of Ambagahagama, Panakkaniya, Kottukachchiya, Kachchimadu, Mahalindawewa Dams
Conducting of Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) for removal of Teak Plantation at Iddapola, Padawalyaya- Maduru oya National Park
Feasibility Study, Detailed Design and Post Impact Evaluation of Proposed Flyover at Rajagiriya Intersection under Spanish Funded Steel Bridge Project of RDA
Initial Environmental Examination For Construction of Micro Tunnels And Appurtenant Structures to solve the flooding problems.
Integrated Road Investment Programme Phase II – Transect Walk Survey for Northern, Eastern, Uva and Western Provinces