Providing Services for Preparation of Environmental and Social Safeguard documents for Kekirawa – Thalawa (B213), Kekirawa - Ganewalpola (B212), Ganewalpola - Dachchihalmillewa (B133) Road improvement and maintenance project under road management contracts

Client : iroads - Road Development Authority

The Government of Sri Lanka has received a loan from Asian development Bank (ADB) under the Integrated Road Investment Program – I Road for he improvement and maintenance of three national roads in the North Central Province. In compliance with the Environmental Assessment and Review Framework and resettlement framework of I road program, environmental social safeguard documents are required to be prepared for road Kekirawa – Thalawa (B213).Prepare Initial Environmental Assessment (IEE), Involuntary Resettlement Due Diligence and Socio Economic Profile Reports. A Rapid Environmental Assessment (REA) Check list to be prepared for the entire road to categorize the project based environmental safeguards compliance. An Environmental Checklist (EC) to set up an initial identification of sensitive environmental and social aspects along the road followed by and Initial Environmental Assessment Report.

Household Survey – A 20% sample households in he project area to be surveyed distributing the survey forms among Grama Niladari Divisions.

Involuntary Resettlement Due Diligence and Socio Economic Profile Report for Kekirawa – Thalawa (B213) Road.

Involuntary Resettlement Checklist