Consultancy service for Preparation of Environmental and Social Management Plan and Environmental and Social Screening Report for Rehabilitate Dams and Canals in Eastern & Nothern Province.

Client : Department of Irrigation - Integrated Watershed & Water Resources Management Project (IWWRMP)

The Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) with financing from the World Bank (WB) has proposed to undertake an Integrated Watershed & Water Resources Management Project (IWWRMP). The development objective of the project is to improve watershed and water resources planning and enhance the functionality of water resources infrastructure. Functionality refers to improved safety of dams and improved water distribution networks for irrigation. It has been revealed through the studies that the major dams of the country are aging and suffering from various structural deficiencies and shortcomings in the operation and maintenance facilities. This situation threatens the safety and operation efficiency of the dams and their appurtenant structures and as a result increases the vulnerability of the downstream population and socio-economic infrastructure.

In keeping with the World Bank’s safeguard policies, the consultant will be required to carry out an environmental and social screening using the format provided and determine the level of safeguards analysis required with recommendations. The consultant is expected to conclude the assignment by preparation of a comprehensive Environmental and social screening report and Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP).