Consulting Services for Design and Supervision of Port Related Facilities Development (Package 8) for Patimban Port Development Project - Detail Design and Tender Assistance Consulting Services of Patimban Access Toll Road.

Client : Ministry of Transportation, Indonesia

The present traffic behaviors around the project area were analyzed and variation with the land use changes and the impact was evaluated. The traffic demand analysis was conducted for the proposed Patimban Port Access Toll Road considering different types of possible traffic diversions such as diversion of traffic from existing road network, Diversion of traffic generated by Patimban Port, Diversion of traffic generated from proposed Industrial areas. In order to fulfill the above analysis sub-components such as organizing and planning data collection field work, data analysis, Traffic demand forecast analysis for the proposed toll road with the expansion of the port facilities, modeling the toll station traffic volumes, toll sensitivity analysis and capacity analysis was carried out. The consultants assisted the team with traffic problems which occur during the engineering design process such as capacity for the construction vehicles during the constructions and provided traffic mitigation measures along the project corridor.